Staples iPad App


The iPad app is primarily designed as a premier experience to provide the essential tools and a personalized platform for the existing shoppers and establish Staples as a leader in the mobile commerce space. The customers (and Apple) loved it. The app proved to be the first Staples mobile property to match or surpass conversion numbers of the desktop experience.

Promoting To The Right Audience

To promote our mobile solutions from Staples, a part of the product launch campaign was to communicate to the iPad Web (WebApp) users that there was a native solution designed specifically for their platform. Below is an intro screen that a user would receive (only one time of course) if they were shopping on the web using their iPads.

A Consistent Brand Experience

At the time of the iPad app launch Staples was going through its "Make More Happen" rebranding; A new tagline and campaign focused on how Staples´ expanded product assortment helps businesses succeed. We made sure to align the app with this new global positioning. Below is the app loading/initialization sequence.

Converting Mobile Users to Mobile Buyers

The Staples iPad app allowed users to quickly and recurrently fulfill their needs while providing an intuitive experience for others to discover the breadth of Staples products and purchase with ease.

Interaction Design & Smooth Transitions

Apple focuses heavily in iOS to provide users a butter smooth experience through visuals and interaction. iPad users expect this level of fine detail and transitions in the apps they use and love. We spent countless hours optimizing code and designing interactions that look good and enhance the user experience. Below are some examples of how the app responds to the users swipe and touch.

Customer Satisfaction

The Staples iPad app received great praise among our loyal customers and received a 4.5 star rating. That is something we are very proud of.

Apple: Best New App

The app was recognized by Apple as the best new app for two weeks in a row in the "Lifestyle" category and featured in the App Store.