Brand Refresh, Web Redesign & SonicHub Launch


Sonicbids invented the Electronic Press Kit (EPK®) for musicians. It is also a social music marketing platform that provides a suite of tools and resources that connects musicians with promoters, venue owners, and great opportunities all over the world. While my time there, we refreshed the brand that would include a comprehensive update of all global touchpoints online and offline and launched SonicHub.

Sonicbids Brand

The brand had remained relatively unchanged for a decade and was starting to show its age through design and voice. We pushed forward a minimalistic and modern visual system that remained true to the original brand and elevated the overall feeling of optimism, fun, reliability and getting heard. Redesign

We wanted to remain as simple and minimalistic as possible in our new site and messaging. The goal was to remain focused on content and musicians to the best of our ability. After all, we were not a consumer facing brand but a matchmaker between musicians, promoters, and brands.


Sonichub is a white label online marketing platform from Sonicbids that makes it easy for you to reach and engage fans whether you're a band, promoter, or a brand. For big events we delivered custom designed hubs that were specific for the brand or promotion.

Official Application Platform for Events

Sonicbids is the official and exclusive application platform for many promotions and events. Fans get to vote on their favorite bands and promoters manage the entries with ease.