Red Bull Soundstage


Soundstage is Red Bull's music initiative for rising artists to garner attention on a global scale, land unique gigs, win various competitions, and be featured in documentaries.

The Brand

The Soundstage brand needed to have the look and feel that was on brand with the Red Bull family of brands, yet have an artistic/musical edge to differentiate itself among them.

Website & Web App

The main goal was to subconsciously transport the audience to a live concert experience on their computers and mobile devices by using dimension, color, and dynamic visuals.

Video & Animation

The Red Bull Soundstage identity was designed with interactivity in mind, from the start. Here are some examples of the brand in concerts, music videos, and documentaries.

Live Events, Print, Etc...

Red Bull Soundstage brand in concerts, promotions, night clubs, miscellaneous places and merchandise.