Philips LightCommunity

Website & iPad Catalog


Philips developed the concept of the White Space section for its redesigned website and was looking to establish the number one B2B lighting web site. They wanted a cutting edge site that facilitated sharing and collaboration within the professional lighting community and with Philips.

LightCommunity Website

The client wanted a very light (read: white) visual space with a user experience that breaks the confines of the screen and traditional browsing. We created an ethereal, floaty design scape and created a custom 3D flash environment which allowed for free movement and exploration. We used saturated colors in photography and color accents to balance the experience, focus on content, and to combat the site feeling cold.

Transitions & Animation

From the first screen we welcome the user, to the exploration space and transitions, we made sure to reinforce the three dimensional space, look, and feel.

iPad Catalog

The app was aimed to provide an in depth interactive look at the lighting products and their applications.