adidas miCoach


miCoach is the first initiative in a partnership between two of the world's leading brands, Samsung and adidas. It's a personal coaching system that challenges you and supports you to stay motivated and on track with personalizable goals via real time voice coaching, zone based cardio training, detailed workout analysis, tips and nutrition advice from adidas' elite coaching partners and ambassadors. The design goal was to provide a very clean and user friendly mission control, where each runner can set a goal, receive a personalized plan, monitor their progress over time.

Brand Persona Examples

Having "Real" Fun With It...

I love it when a project manifests itelf into something you can experience and connect with in the real world and not just the digital space. I was given a pre-production prototype to play with, and experienced the product first hand before launch. Although it had some bugs (not Mac compatible at the time) the miCoach system was way ahead of its time and competitors.