BCG Website and Alumni Site Redesign


The Boston Consulting Group is a global management consulting firm with 81 offices in 45 countries. It is one of the Big Three management consulting firms. The goal of this redesign was to reinforce the new BCG branding and provide an innovative and easy to use tool for the BCG alumni to share ideas, foster success, and create relationships that are personally and professionally rewarding. Redesign

We developed a visual language that is consistent across the brand and differentiates BCG from its competitors. User experience conveys the desired personality and tone while supporting how users access and use the site. This creates a consistent message, which in turn builds the appropriate customer perception and successfully inspires users to engage with BCG based on their business relationship.

BCG Brand Persona

To be able to design a well organized, easy-to-use website that immediately reflects and supports the brand attributes, you must first understand the brand. Before we started with the redesign, we gathered information from stakeholder interviews, meetings, and reviewed documents supplied by the client to create the master brand persona document.

BCG Alumni Network Redesign